I’m Kelly. I’m 32 years old & have spent most of that time unhealthy & overweight. I’ve done about 1.5 trillion diets since I was 12. The lowest weight I’ve ever been as an adult (until now) was 168lbs in 2008 for my wedding. Since Feb. 2018, I’ve been living a ketogenic lifestyle and have adjusted it to remove foods & activities that are trying to make me sick, and adding foods & activities that don’t.

I like writing, enjoy reading, and love thinking. These combined talents & experiences have led me here, to you, to share my story about getting healthy. Am I at the end? Nope! But you can come along and learn from and/or with me.

My quick stats:
Height: 5’3″
Starting Weight: 258lbs
Current Weight: 165lbs
Goal Weight: 130lbs