6 Ways To Track Your Way to Success

Almost 5 days ago, I started another extended fast. This one has been particularly tough, mostly because I’m trying to hit a goal with this one, and if you read my first blog, you know how goals are never better than systems. But that’s a conversation for next week.

To get my brain on track with this fast, I’ve had to rely heavily on my tracking data. Tracking is one component that is so important to ultimate success. It not only focuses your brain on where you are and where you’re headed, it allows you to see how far you’ve come. Even if you don’t make progress, per se, tracking does a better job moving you toward your goals than not doing so.

So what are some methods you can do? Here are 6 common tracking methods for weight loss, but they may translate to other kinds of successes as well.

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The Fast Way To Live Slow

Do you ever think about how often you eat and/or how long you eat and handle food? I don’t think most people do. I surely didn’t, at least not until I started implementing intermittent fasting and eventually extended water fasting into my life.

I’d estimate that I was eating at least a dozen times a day before I started on my new way of life. Snacking was a big deal. Meals were a big deal. Most of my daily entertainment had to do with food, whether planning it, thinking about it, or actually doing it. We have to eat and most cultures are built around eating, so it makes sense that it’d take up so much of my life, especially considering the kinds of foods I was eating that were making me hungrier.

But I didn’t realize how much food consumed my time until I stopped. That’s right.

I stopped eating.

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Why You Think I’m Nuts & How I Got Here

I’m fully aware that my diet & lifestyle are extreme. Had you presented me with where I’m at today 2 years ago, I would have looked at you cockeyed & considered never speaking to you again. But let’s take a dive into what I was eating 2 years ago.

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How the Dilbert Guy Made Me Lose 100 Pounds

What does a comic strip about office life have to do with losing weight?

I don’t consider myself part of the Dilbert generation even though it’s been in the background of my life forever. Instead, my fandom of Dilbert-creator, Scott Adams, came from an election cycle in 2016, which then lead to me losing almost 100 pounds (and counting) and my husband losing about 75.

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