What To Do About Holidays on Keto: Tips & Recipes

The holidays are excellent times to break bread with family & friends. But what do you do when you don’t eat bread anymore?? It’s unfortunate that a lot of our social connections are built upon a foundation of carby foods, but the holidays don’t have to be restrictive. And you don’t have to feel the need to cheat to get through it.

This will be my 3rd holiday season after going low carb, so here are my tips and favorite (i.e. ACTUALLY GOOD) keto-certified recipes that may help you survive Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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Keto Caramel Cheesecake 2 Ways: Caramel Pecan & Turtle

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Several months ago, my mom posted in a family Facebook group a post about a caramel pecan cheesecake that looked too die for…as well as complicated and full of sugar & refined grains. She requested a keto version, so I set upon the answer. I found it.

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Keto Orange Chicken Recipe

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Chinese food is one thing that is hard for keto dieters (and low-carbers) to order. The sauces are made with both sugar and starch. The meals are paired with rice. The side items are wrapped and fried with flour.

So we tend to avoid Chinese food altogether because, well, why bother?

I set out about a year ago to create General Tso Chicken, which was one of my favorite dishes before I gave up sugar, grains, and starches. I couldn’t find a recipe that looked doable, so I set out for another popular and tasty dish: orange chicken.

Could I take a regular orange chicken recipe and make it low carb?

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