How To Create an Eating System for Weightloss Success

I hope you guys had an incredible weekend! I had been cranky all weekend, and I think it was because I didn’t do anything particularly physical. And I looked at my phone too much. Probably those things 😀

I want to talk about systems today. In my first blog post, I discuss how my whole worldview shifted when I adopted systems thinking. We tend to think in goals.

  • How many pounds I want to lose by what date
  • What size clothes I want to fit into
  • How much money I want to make
  • What home I want to live in

These are some examples, but goals can be (and are) set for practically anything. But the problem with goals is that we often don’t meet them. We get sidetracked. Outside forces affect our ability to reach them. They weren’t attainable in the first place. There are a trillion reasons why we fail to reach our goals.

So we get sad. Motivation disappears. We hammer down on the behaviors that keep us from moving forward. Things get worse.

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Why You Think I’m Nuts & How I Got Here

I’m fully aware that my diet & lifestyle are extreme. Had you presented me with where I’m at today 2 years ago, I would have looked at you cockeyed & considered never speaking to you again. But let’s take a dive into what I was eating 2 years ago.

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