Take a Look at My Insides (Plus an Update)

Today is Day 23 out of 30 of my no Keto treats & processed substitutes. I thought it was going to be a lot tougher, and sometimes I do still battle some cravings (and maybe have given into peanuts a few too many times), but it’s made fasting immensely easier. If you stall (or are stalled), the hyper-palatable foods (keto treats and bars, substitutes, dark chocolate, nuts, cheese, pork rinds, etc.) may be causing over-consumption. They were for me. I still haven’t given up cheese and nuts, though. I’m not quite ready. But I foresee that change in the future, at least for some portion of time.

I just got back from my second InBody 570 scan. This uses bio-electrical impedance to determine muscle, water, and fat by sending alternating currents throughout the body. The most accurate? Probably not, but since I can’t do a DEXA scan right now, it’s better than nothing.

The experience was…well…lacking this time. Parking around the hospital is insane and makes no sense, so even though I got there 45 minutes early, I was 5 minutes late to my appointment.

First the InBody was missing.

Then it was found.

Then the keypad was malfunctioning (which is why I have two printouts instead of one).

Then the printer wouldn’t work.

Yes, I eventually was able to leave with my report, but it was nothing short of a headache. But I’m complaining.

At the end of the day, I got an unexpected walk, time in the sun, and some stair climbing.


I wanted to wait until I was closer to done with weight loss, but because I’ve shifted my fasting protocols around, I felt I needed to see how I’m progressing.

Results From Mar. 1, 2019


Results From Sept. 10, 2019


Visceral Fat

You can’t see visceral fat. You can’t feel it. It’s hidden behind your muscles, around your organs. It’s important, but too much is deadly. The first time I got the scan done, I had already lost around 60lbs, but my visceral fat level was still high at 18 (according to InBody, 10 or less is healthy).

I really wanted to see this number drop. It went down 5pts to 13!

Muscle Mass

I lost a little bit of muscle mass (0.5lbs), but I’m actually okay with it. I spent about 5 months between the scans not doing anything particularly physical while I tried to hit my weight loss wager, so I’m sure that had to do with it. Plus, I’m not lugging around as much weight as I used to. And I only recently started strength training again.

Body Fat Percentage & BMI


BMI is good for studying populations. It’s not so great on an individual level, so I ignore it.

The Body Fat Percentage is more useful information, and I was happy to see that drop by 6%. I lost 18lbs of fat mass:

  • -4lbs of fat in the arms
  • -5lbs of fat in the legs
  • -8lbs of fat in the trunk

I’ve noticed my body likes to lose weight from the limbs inward, and this seems to substantiate that. I have way more trunk fat than leg or arm fat, but my body don’t care!

My theory (stolen from doctors who know more than me) is that my belly fat has been there the longest and will be the hardest to get rid of. The longer your body holds onto fat, the more it gets wrapped in your body’s desire for homeostasis.

I’m really glad I got this done today. Every once and a while I get tired of losing weight. I want to be done. I want to maintain. I want to get swol and see the progress.

I may have another year until I’m where I want to be. But that’s okay because I don’t anticipate changing anything about my current lifestyle even when I’m done. I would like to move to the next level, and I know I’ll get there. This scan let me see progress.

And you’ll get there, too [insert high five]!

*Note: None of this is medical advice.

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